Farnborough International Exhibition Centre


We understand that large events like this can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate for some attendees. The Access Pass and Carers Pass is in place to help you over the course of the weekend, and enhance the event experience so that you can fully enjoy your visit with some extra assistance.

Which Services Do We Offer?

Reduced entry queue

By applying in advance for the Access Pass you'll be able to join a dedicated shorter queue for entry to the venue. ‍ Entry time will still depend on your pre-purchased ticket tier.

Carers pass for those who need additional support

A complimentary Carers Pass is provided for qualifying Access Pass holders, this pass has been put in place to ensure ALL of our attendees can throughly enjoy their day, and get the assistance they need.

Faster photo-op queues

We understand that for some attendees, standing for long periods of time can be challenging. Our access pass reduces the overall queue time for photo-ops by allowing you to get your session after our VIP pass holders.


The Access Pass is designed to ensure that all attendees can enjoy the Comic Con experience, regardless of any mobility or accessibility needs.

The pass works by providing faster entry queues, shorter photo-op wait times, and other accommodations to help pass holders make the most of their day.

The Carers Pass is a complimentary wristband allocated alongside our Access Pass to qualifying applicants who require extra assistance while attending our event. This pass must be applied for along side the standard Access Pass and cannot be issued on the day of the event.

To be approved for our Access Pass you must fill out the application form at the top of the page thoroughly and wait for your confirmation email letting you know it’s been approved.

We manually review each application on a case-by-case basis and while we would love to give everyone who feels that they need extra assistance an Access Pass, unfortunately we have to have some restrictions in place. We apply these restrictions to ensure that the attendees that require this pass to enjoy their day truly benefit from it and have a smooth experience while at the event.

Fill out the access application form at the top of the page and add any requested supporting documents. You’ll need to wait for your confirmation email letting you know it’s been approved.

Your name and any additional carers will be added to our access list on the day to let our staff know you’ve been pre-approved.

We advise that you bring a copy of your approval email with you on the day (a screenshot is fine).

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